MAY 5 2016

Web Development | User Experience

Awesome Cultures



Welcome: Finos & Bifanas

Getting here after a day's work or after a long walk and you feelling thirsty? We got you covered!


From Ruby to Elixir by Igor Šarčević

Do you want to extend your Ruby applications to handle millions of requests backed with a rock solid fault tolerant platform?
Elixir is probably a great choice for you. In this session I'll share some insights about Elixir, and describe how we managed to speed up parts of our infrastructure by introducing Elixir/Erlang into our stack.



Wow, great talk right? Time for some chit chat!


Roundtable: Creating a great engineering culture

Creating a great engineering culture - Roundtable with Antonio Arrais de Castro (GlassesGroupGlobal), Jose Antonio Silva (Devscope), Mariana Salvaterra (Blip.pt) and Teresa Carreiro (Critical Manufacturing).
"What makes great teams? How much autonomy and transparency is right? Why would you join some teams and not others? Featuring four speakers from different backgrounds, we'll discuss these and other topics in a very interactive session, moderated by Vânia Gonçalves (Research | R&D Coordinator @ NMusic/FEUP)."


Networking (and more drinks!)

Introvert or extrovert, don't be shy, be chatty, get to know people! Instagram the event, take selfies, go wild!


Igor Šarčević

Software Engineer @ RenderedText/SemaphoreCI

Mariana Salvaterra

Senior Delivery Manager @ Blip.pt

Antonio Arrais de Castro

CTO @ GlassesGroupGlobal

Teresa Carreiro

Operations Director @ Critical Manufacturing

Jose Antonio Silva

R&D Director @ Devscope

Vânia Gonçalves

Researcher | R&D Coordinator - Media, Markets & Innovation @ NMusic/FEUP

About the Event

OPO'Lab, Rua D. João IV, 643

OPO'Lab is a multidisciplinary center dedicated to think and explore the creative use of new technologies.

Merge comes to the awesome Porto!
Having such a success in Lisbon, with past speakers from StackOverflow, EngineYard and ElasticSearch, among many others, now it's time to rock the house of FCP and Douro river.
Entrance is free, you're welcome to bring as many guests as you want, and drinks and snacks are on us! Can we count on you?